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Many companies change to more agility. But only few can deliver unique measurable agile results like the 1492 group in its projects. The Swarm Experience demonstrates the secret of success in collaboration. The unique large group event is an experience where participants gain knowledge while doing it. The collective task encourages by showing the principles of intelligent collective in action. It transforms groups into agile, resilient and flexible organisms, as the experiment shows how to leap forward by accelerating the speed of processing information in real time.


The Swarm Experience can be performed with large groups starting from 30 up to 3000 participants and beyond. Any audience can participate in the Swarm Experience without leaving the conference room.
We just need the ordinary conference technique, LCD projectors and a sound systems similar to a keynote speech and chairs in conference setting, tables or even standing is an option. The format could be designed to your needs and the airplane can be labeled with your corporate design or the credo of the meeting. The Swarm Experience could be compressed into a 60-minute format, or be a full day contact.